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geoipupdate (netservices)

geoipupdate - GeoIP2, GeoLite2 Update (Offizielles Paket)

Version: 3.0.1 Status: stable Release Datum: 2020-12-06
Autor: the eisfair team, team(at)eisfair(dot)org
Internal Program Version: geoipupdate  4.3.0

geoipupdate automatically updates GeoIP2 and GeoLite2 databases.

The program connects to the MaxMind GeoIP Update server to check for new 
databases. If a new database is available, the program will download and 
install it.

If you are using a firewall, you must have the DNS and HTTPS ports open.
SHA256-Prüfsumme: 6e4d4d5290dcc52aafacf1709ee487ebbeb8b37b45bb7bfa4ac63a9bda8d87b5
Größe: 2.32 MByte
Benötigte Pakete: glibc 3.0.0
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