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Offizielles Paket = Offizielles eisfair-Paket
Geprüftes Paket = Paket geprüft


Geprüftes Paket abduco-doc 3.2.0 DOC: abduco - Session management in a clean and simple way
Geprüftes Paket adjtimex-doc 3.4.0 Kernel time variables configuration utility
Geprüftes Paket afio-doc 3.0.0 DOC: afio - Archiver and backup program with compression
Geprüftes Paket arpwatch-doc 3.4.12 DOC: Tool to keep track of Ethernet-IP address pairings
Geprüftes Paket astyle-doc 3.4.16 DOC: astyle - Source code indenter, formatter and beautifier
Geprüftes Paket audiofile-doc 3.4.0 DOC: audiofile - audio file processing
Geprüftes Paket bat-doc 3.4.1 DOC: bat - cat clone with syntax highlighting
Geprüftes Paket bats-doc 1.8.0 DOC: Bash Automated Testing System
Geprüftes Paket bitwise-doc 3.4.0 DOC: bitwise - Interactive bitwise operation in ncurses
Offizielles Paket borgbackup-doc 3.4.2 DOC: borgbackup - Deduplicating archiver
Geprüftes Paket bubblewrap-doc 3.4.0 DOC: bubblewrap - utility for unprivileged chroot
Geprüftes Paket cdrdao-doc 3.4.1 DOC: cdrdao - CD-R(W) burning tool
Geprüftes Paket cdrecord-doc 3.4.2 DOC: CDRecord - tools for reading and burning data CD/DVD
Geprüftes Paket cflow-doc 3.2.0 DOC: cflow - Tool to generate flowcharts for C sources
Offizielles Paket chrony-doc 3.2.0 DOC: chrony - Documentation
Geprüftes Paket cifs-utils-doc 3.4.0 DOC: Mounting CIFS and SMB3 filesytem
Geprüftes Paket columscut-doc 3.4.0 DOC: columscut - prints part of lines
Geprüftes Paket convmv-doc 2.0.5 DOC: convmv - File names encoding conversion utility
Geprüftes Paket cppcheck-doc 3.4.12 DOC: cppcheck - A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
Geprüftes Paket cpuid-doc 3.4.1 DOC: cpuid - dump x86 CPUID information about the CPU(s)
Geprüftes Paket cpupower-doc 3.4.2 DOC: cpupower - Processor power related C-library
Geprüftes Paket cups-client-doc 3.4.0 DOC: cups-client - CUPS Client Programs
Geprüftes Paket cups-doc 3.4.0 DOC: cups - Common UNIX Printing System
Geprüftes Paket daemon-doc 3.4.3 DOC: daemon - Starts commands as daemons
Geprüftes Paket dateutils-doc 3.4.1 DOC: dateutils - command line date and time utilities
Geprüftes Paket ddrescue-doc 3.4.0 DOC: ddrescue - Data Copying in the Presence of I/O Errors
Geprüftes Paket di-doc 3.4.1 DOC: di - Disk Information Utility
Geprüftes Paket dialog-doc 3.4.7 DOC: dialog - Menus and input boxes for shell scripts
Geprüftes Paket difftree-doc 3.4.0 DOC: difftree - compares directories
Geprüftes Paket dosfstools-doc 3.4.2 DOC: Tools for MSDOS/FAT-Filesystems
Offizielles Paket dracut-doc 3.3.2 DOC: dracut - initramfs infrastructure
Geprüftes Paket dtach-doc 3.2.0 DOC: dtach - Background processes and reattach to them
Geprüftes Paket dvdrwtools-doc 3.4.0 DOC: DVD+RW-Tools - DVD burning tools
Geprüftes Paket dvtm-doc 3.2.2 DOC: dvtm - Tiling window manager for the console
Geprüftes Paket edac-utils-doc 3.4.0 DOC: edac-utils - Userspace helper for EDAC drivers
Offizielles Paket efibootmgr-doc 3.4.0 DOC: efibootmgr - EFI Boot Manager
Offizielles Paket efivar-doc 3.4.0 DOC: efivar - Tools to menipulate EFI variables
Offizielles Paket emacs-doc 3.4.0 DOC: GNU Emacs - extensible text editor
Offizielles Paket evdev-utils-doc 3.4.0 DOC: evdev - Utilities for libevdev
Geprüftes Paket exfat-utils-doc 3.4.0 DOC: exfat-utils - Utilities for exFAT file system
Geprüftes Paket f2fs-tools-doc 3.4.0 DOC: f2fs-tools - Utilities for the Flash-Friendly FS (F2FS)
Geprüftes Paket fd-doc 3.4.4 DOC: fd - File finder
Geprüftes Paket flashrom-doc 3.2.2 DOC: flashrom - A universal flash programming utility
Geprüftes Paket flexbackup-doc 3.0.0 DOC: flexbackup - Flexible backup script
Geprüftes Paket fping-doc 3.4.1 DOC: fping - A program to ping multiple hosts
Geprüftes Paket fswatch-doc 3.4.1 DOC: fswatch - File change monitor
Geprüftes Paket fuse-exfat-doc 3.4.0 DOC: fuse-exfat - exFAT file system implementation
Geprüftes Paket gcli-doc 3.4.2 DOC: gcli - Portable Git(hub|lab|tea) CLI tool
Geprüftes Paket gkrellmd-doc 3.4.0 DOC: gkrellmd - The GNU Krell monitor daemon
Offizielles Paket global-doc 3.2.0 DOC: global - common source code tag system
Geprüftes Paket gnu_parallel-doc 1.3.25 DOC: Shell tool for executing jobs in parallel
Geprüftes Paket gnuplot-doc 3.4.6 DOC: Gnuplot - command-line plotting utility
Geprüftes Paket googler-doc 2.8.10 DOC: googler - google search on command-line
Geprüftes Paket haserl-doc 3.2.0 DOC: haserl - CGI scripting with shell/lua
Geprüftes Paket hashrat-doc 3.4.3 DOC: hashrat - computing and comparing hashes
Geprüftes Paket hddtemp-doc 3.4.5 hddtemp - Reads temperature from drives
Geprüftes Paket hexyl-doc 3.4.2 DOC: hexyl - Hex viewer viewer
Geprüftes Paket highlight-doc 3.4.6 DOC: highlight - Source Code to Formatted Text Converter
Geprüftes Paket hstr-doc 3.4.1 DOC: hstr - command line history tool
Offizielles Paket iceauth-doc 3.2.1 DOC: iceauth - ICE authority file utility
Geprüftes Paket idle3-tools-doc 3.4.0 DOC: idle3-tools 0.9.1.s21 - idle3 timer tool for wdd hd
Geprüftes Paket inadyn-doc 3.4.1 DOC: In-a-Dyn - Dynamic DNS Client
Geprüftes Paket inotify-tools-doc 3.4.1 DOC: inotify-tools - Tools for kernel inotify facility
Offizielles Paket input-utils-doc 3.4.1 DOC: input - Utilities for libinput
Geprüftes Paket iotop-c-doc 3.4.3 DOC: iotop-c - shows i/o load of processes
Geprüftes Paket iotop-doc 1.0.2 DOC: iotop - shows i/o load of processes
Geprüftes Paket iperf-doc 3.4.1 DOC: iperf - A tool to measure network performance
Geprüftes Paket iperf2-doc 3.4.1 DOC: iperf2 - A tool to measure network performance
Geprüftes Paket ipmitool-doc 3.4.0 DOC: ipmitool - Access to IPMI protocol
Geprüftes Paket ipset-doc 3.4.3 DOC: ipset - Netfilter ipset administration utility
Geprüftes Paket iptraf-ng-doc 3.4.0 DOC: iptraf-ng - ip traffic monitoring and stats utility
Geprüftes Paket iptstate-doc 3.2.0 DOC: IPTState - A top-like util for IPTables state info
Offizielles Paket iucode-tool-doc 3.2.0 iucode-tool - tool to manipulate CPU microcode
Geprüftes Paket jdupes-doc 3.4.2 DOC: jdupes - identify and take actions on duplicate files
Geprüftes Paket jhead-doc 3.4.0 DOC: jhead - Tool to manipulate the EXIF data of jpeg files
Geprüftes Paket jo-doc 3.2.2 DOC: jo - JSON output from a shell
Geprüftes Paket jpeginfo-doc 3.4.0 DOC: jpeginfo - Prints information of JPEG/JFIF files
Geprüftes Paket jpegoptim-doc 3.4.1 DOC: jpegoptim - Utility for Optimizing JPEG Files
Geprüftes Paket jq-doc 3.4.1 DOC: jq - lightweight + flexible command-line JSON processor
Geprüftes Paket judy-doc 3.4.0 DOC: libjudy - sparce dynamic arrays
Geprüftes Paket lcov-doc 3.4.2 DOC: lcov - Summarise Code coverage information from GCOV
Geprüftes Paket leafnode-doc 3.4.0 DOC: Leafnode - NNTP Server for small sites
Geprüftes Paket libcerf-doc 3.4.2 DOC: libcerf - complex error functions and other
Geprüftes Paket libjodycode-doc 3.4.0 DOC: libjodycode - Shared code by Jody Bruchon
Geprüftes Paket libmikmod-doc 3.4.0 DOC: libmikmod3 - Portable sound library
Geprüftes Paket libmxml-doc 3.4.1 DOC: Library: libmxml - tiny XML library
Geprüftes Paket libsmi-doc 3.4.0 DOC: libsmi - Library to access SMI MIB information
Geprüftes Paket liburing-doc 3.4.1 DOC: liburing - Linux-native io_uring I/O access library
Geprüftes Paket links-doc 3.2.6 DOC: links - Text-Based WWW Browser
Geprüftes Paket lm_sensors-doc 3.4.0 DOC: lm_sensors - Hardware Monitoring
Geprüftes Paket lshw-doc 3.4.1 DOC: lshw - Hardware Lister
Offizielles Paket luit-doc 3.2.1 DOC: Locale and ISO2022 support for unicode terminals
Geprüftes Paket lzip-doc 3.4.2 DOC: lzip - Lossless Compressor based on the LZMA Algorithm
Offizielles Paket minipro-doc 3.4.0 DOC: minipro - chip programmer control program
Offizielles Paket mosquitto-doc 3.4.1 DOC: Mosquitto - MQTT broker and client programs
Geprüftes Paket mp3gain-doc 3.4.0 DOC: mp3gain - Volume normalizer for mp3 sound files
Geprüftes Paket mpg123-doc 3.4.16 DOC: mpg123 - mpeg audio decoder and player
Geprüftes Paket ms-sys-doc 3.4.1 DOC: ms-sys - writing/inspecting ms compatible boot records
Geprüftes Paket mtx-doc 3.4.1 DOC: mtx - Program for DDS auto loaders
Geprüftes Paket multitail-doc 3.4.2 DOC: multitail - Tail Multiple Files
Offizielles Paket nano-doc 3.4.1 DOC: nano - Nano's ANOther editor
Geprüftes Paket ncdu-doc 3.4.2 DOC: ncdu - curses based version of du
Geprüftes Paket ne-doc 3.4.0 DOC: ne - the nice editor
Geprüftes Paket netcalc-ng-doc 3.4.0 DOC: netcalc-ng - IP subnet calculator
Geprüftes Paket nethogs-doc 3.4.0 DOC: nethogs - Network Bandwith Usage Monitor
Geprüftes Paket nnn-doc 3.4.1 DOC: nnn - Terminal based file browser
Offizielles Paket ocaml-dune-doc 3.4.0 DOC: ocaml-dune - composable build system for OCaml
Offizielles Paket openocd-doc 3.4.1 DOC: openocd - Open On-Chip Debugger
Geprüftes Paket partclone-doc 3.4.7 DOC: partclone - File System Clone Utilities
Geprüftes Paket password-store-doc 3.2.0 DOC: password-store - password manager on CLI
Geprüftes Paket per-doc 3.4.0 DOC: per-simple unix permissions viewer/converter
Geprüftes Paket perl-rrdtool-doc 3.4.3 DOC: Perl - RRDs
Offizielles Paket picocom-doc 3.4.0 DOC: picocom - Minimal dumb-terminal emulator
Geprüftes Paket pm-utils-doc 3.4.0 DOC: pm-utils - power management tools
Geprüftes Paket powertop-doc 3.2.1 DOC: powertop - A Linux Tool to Find out What is Using Power
Geprüftes Paket progress-doc 3.4.0 DOC: progress - Coreutils Viewer
Geprüftes Paket pv-doc 3.4.8 DOC: PipeViewer - Monitor the Progress of Data through Pipes
Geprüftes Paket quickmail-doc 3.4.1 DOC: quickmail - send e-mail from your application
Geprüftes Paket rawhide-doc 3.4.0 DOC: rawhide - find files using pretty C expressions
Geprüftes Paket rdiff-doc 3.4.0 DOC: rdiff - Frontend to rsync's delta algorithm
Geprüftes Paket rrdtool-doc 3.4.2 DOC: rrdtool - Round Robin Database
Geprüftes Paket rsnapshot-doc 1.6.7 DOC: rsnapshot - snapshot backup based on rsync
Geprüftes Paket ruby-doc 3.4.4 DOC: Ruby - Interpreted scripting language
Geprüftes Paket samba-doc 17.0.14 DOC: Samba File Services
Offizielles Paket sane-airscan-doc 3.4.0 DOC: sane-airscan - Documentation
Offizielles Paket sessreg-doc 3.2.1 DOC: sessreg - Manage utmp/wtmp entries for non-init clients
Offizielles Paket setxkbmap-doc 3.2.1 DOC: setxkbmap - Setup the keyboard for X11
Geprüftes Paket smartmon-doc 3.4.1 DOC: The Smartmon Tools
Geprüftes Paket smenu-doc 3.4.1 DOC: smenu - A standard input word picker
Offizielles Paket smproxy-doc 3.2.1 DOC: smproxy - Session Manager Proxy
Geprüftes Paket sngrep-doc 3.4.3 DOC: sngrep - Ncurses SIP Messages flow viewer
Geprüftes Paket sox-doc 3.4.1 DOC: sox - sound conversion library
Geprüftes Paket squashfs-tools-doc 3.2.2 DOC: squashfs-tools - Utilities for the squashfs filesystem
Geprüftes Paket sshpass-doc 3.2.0 DOC: sshpass - Non-interactive SSH authentication utility
Geprüftes Paket stress-ng-doc 3.4.18 DOC: stress-ng - Tool to load and stress a computer
Offizielles Paket subversion-doc 3.4.4 DOC: Subversion - Version Control System
Geprüftes Paket sysstat-doc 3.4.3 DOC: sysstat - performance monitoring tools
Offizielles Paket systemd-doc 3.4.0 DOC: systemd - Documentation
Geprüftes Paket tcc-doc 3.4.8 DOC: tcc - Tiny C Compiler
Geprüftes Paket tcpdump-doc 3.4.0 DOC: tcpdump - A tool for network monitoring
Geprüftes Paket tig-doc 3.4.1 DOC: tig - An ncurses-based text-mode interface for git
Geprüftes Paket tinycdb-doc 3.4.2 DOC: tinycdb - Utility for constant databases (cdb)
Geprüftes Paket tinyproxy-doc 3.4.1 DOC: tinyproxy - lightweight http(s) proxy daemon
Geprüftes Paket tmux-doc 3.4.3 DOC: tmux - terminal multiplexer
Geprüftes Paket trash-cli-doc 3.4.4 DOC: trash-cli - Command line interface for Trashcan
Geprüftes Paket tree-doc 3.4.0 DOC: tree - File listing as a tree
Geprüftes Paket ttyrec-doc 3.4.0 DOC: ttyrec - Terminal Recorder and Player
Geprüftes Paket ugrep-doc 3.4.31 DOC: ugrep - a feature-rich grep with focus on speed
Geprüftes Paket uncrustify-doc 3.4.4 DOC: uncrustify - Source code formatter and beautifier
Offizielles Paket unison-doc 3.4.0 DOC: unison - file synchronizer
Geprüftes Paket uptimed-doc 3.2.4 DOC: uptimed - To record and keep track of system up times
Geprüftes Paket vnstat-doc 3.4.1 DOC: vnStat - Network Traffic Monitor
Geprüftes Paket wakeonlan-doc 3.2.0 DOC: wakeonlan - Wake up computers through Magic Packets
Geprüftes Paket watchdogd-doc 3.4.0 DOC: watchdogd - Software and/or Hardware watchdog daemon
Geprüftes Paket wireguard-doc 3.2.2 DOC: WireGuard - Fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel
Offizielles Paket x11perf-doc 3.2.1 DOC: x11perf - X11 server performance test program
Offizielles Paket xauth-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xauth - X authority file utility
Offizielles Paket xbacklight-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xbacklight - Adjust backlight using RandR
Offizielles Paket xcmsdb-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xcmsdb - Device color characterization utility
Offizielles Paket xcursorgen-doc 3.2.2 DOC: xcursorgen - Create an X cursor file from PNG images
Offizielles Paket xdpyinfo-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xdpyinfo - display information utility for X
Offizielles Paket xdriinfo-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xdriinfo - Query configuration of DRI drivers
Offizielles Paket xev-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xev - Print contents of X events
Offizielles Paket xgamma-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xgamma - Alter gamma correction through the X server
Offizielles Paket xhost-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xhost - Server access control program for X
Offizielles Paket xinput-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xinput - Utility to configure X input devices
Offizielles Paket xkbevd-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xkbevd - XKB event daemon
Offizielles Paket xkbutils-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xkbutils - Utilities for XKeyboard
Offizielles Paket xkill-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xkill - kill a client by its X resource
Offizielles Paket xls2csv-doc 3.4.0 DOC: xls2csv - Convert xls files into csv format
Offizielles Paket xlsatoms-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xlsatoms - List interned atoms defined on server
Offizielles Paket xlsclients-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xlsclients - List running X client applications
Offizielles Paket xmessage-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xmessage - Display a message or query in a window
Offizielles Paket xmodmap-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xmodmap - Utility for keymaps and pointer mappings
Offizielles Paket xorg-applications-doc 3.2.0 DOC: xorg-applications - Meta package for X11 applcations
Offizielles Paket xpr-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xpr - Print an X window dump
Offizielles Paket xprop-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xprop - Utility to display X window properties
Offizielles Paket xrandr-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xrandr - X11 resize and rotate tool
Offizielles Paket xrdb-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xrdb - X server resource database utility
Offizielles Paket xrefresh-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xrefresh - Refresh all or part of an X screen
Offizielles Paket xset-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xset - User preference utility for X
Offizielles Paket xsetroot-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xsetroot - Root window parameter setting utility
Offizielles Paket xvinfo-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xvinfo - Print X-Video extension adaptor information
Offizielles Paket xwd-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xwd - Dump an image of an X window
Offizielles Paket xwininfo-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xwininfo - Window information utility for X
Offizielles Paket xwud-doc 3.2.1 DOC: xwud - Image displayer for X
Geprüftes Paket ytree-doc 3.4.4 DOC: ytree - A filemanager similar to XTree
Geprüftes Paket zps-doc 3.4.2 DOC: zps - Utility for listing and reaping zombies