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Kategorie netutils

Offizielles Paket = Offizielles eisfair-Paket
Geprüftes Paket = Paket geprüft


Offizielles Paket addhost 1.1.0 Add additional host entries
Offizielles Paket arpscan 1.1.2 arpscan - ARP scanner
Geprüftes Paket bfdetect 1.0.1 bfdetect - discover and manage beroNet devices
bing 0.1.0 bing - p2p bandwidth measurement tool
Offizielles Paket djbdns 1.1.0 djbdns tools
Geprüftes Paket dyndns 1.1.4 Dyndns - For dynamic DNS Service Provider
Offizielles Paket dyneisfair 1.2.1 DynEisfair client
fping 1.1.3 fping - Use the ICMP to determine if a host is up
havp 0.1.5 havp - HTTP Antivirus Proxy
Geprüftes Paket iftop 1.0.1 iftop - Real-Time Interface Bandwidth Usage
Geprüftes Paket iperf3 1.0.3 iperf3 - A tool to measure network performance
Geprüftes Paket iptraf-ng 2.8.1 iptraf-ng - ip traffic monitoring and statistics utility
lftp 2.0.5 lftp - a automatic commandline ftp-programm
mtr 1.0.3 mtr - Matts traceroute
Geprüftes Paket nload 1.0.0 nload - Monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage
Offizielles Paket nmap 2.0.0 nmap - Network exploration tool and security scanner
openvpn2 1.0.14 OpenVPN - SSL VPN solution
radvd 0.1.2 radvd - Router Advertisement Daemon
Offizielles Paket rsync 2.8.1 rsync - Versatile tool for fast incremental file transfer
Geprüftes Paket sngrep 1.0.1 sngrep - Ncurses SIP Messages flow viewer
Offizielles Paket socat 1.2.3 socat - multipurpose relay - SOcket CAT
Geprüftes Paket tcpdump 2.8.1 tcpdump - A tool for network monitoring