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optipng (utils)

optipng - A PNG File Compressor (Verifiziert)

Version: 3.0.0 Status: stable Release Datum: 2020-06-25
Autor: Sebastian Ertz - sebastian(dot)ertz(at)tk(minus)ertz(dot)de
Internal Program Version: optipng 0.7.7

OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses image files to a smaller size,
without losing any information. This program also converts external formats
(BMP, GIF, PNM; TIFF support is coming up) to optimized PNG, and performs PNG
integrity checks and corrections.
SHA256-Prüfsumme: 5d7edc04f5d3a70ee48a7b6aabe7610f3b1b66e351d4d29e3fc2a64454e91502
Größe: 45.91 KByte
Benötigte Pakete: glibc 3.0.1
libpng16 3.0.0
libz1 3.0.0
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