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libipset13 (lib)

Library: libipset13 - for the Netfilter ipset interface (Verifiziert)

Version: 3.2.3 Status: stable Release Datum: 2022-11-24
Autor: Sebastian Ertz - sebastian(dot)ertz(at)tk(minus)ertz(dot)de
Internal Program Version: ipset 7.16

IP sets are a framework inside the Linux kernel, which can be administered by
the ipset utility. Depending on the type, currently an IP set may store IP
addresses, (TCP/UDP) port numbers or IP addresses with MAC addresses in a way,
which ensures lightning speed when matching an entry against a set.
SHA256-Prüfsumme: a69a28ef78a0272d1cb1e9b0255a84bb56a68efff962b42ded4649e062e60372
Größe: 60.35 KByte
Benötigte Pakete: glibc 3.2.1
libmnl0 3.2.0
Optionale Pakete: ipset 3.2.3
ipset-dev 3.2.3
ipset-doc 3.2.3