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Dateianzeige für nagios-plugins (2.6.1)

2.6.1 2019-12-27 Peter Baeumer ================================ - Add plugins (J. Edner) check_radius_adv check_snmp_disk check_snmp_load check_snmp_process 2.6.0 2019-12-27 Peter Baeumer ================================ - Update auf Version 2.3.1 2.4.4 2019-09-17 Peter Baeumer ================================ - Update castom plugins (A. Puester) check_fritz 2.4.3 2019-09-16 Peter Baeumer ================================ - Update castom plugins (J. Edner) check_eisfair_updates check_grandstream_phone check_macs check_nextcloud check_redis check_telegram - Add castom plugins (J. Edner) check_entertain_receiver 2.4.2 2019-09-12 Peter Baeumer ================================ - bugfix plugin (A. Puester) 2.4.1 2018-10-28 Peter Baeumer ================================ - Update castom plugins (J. Edner) check_clamd_version check_eisfair_certificates check_eximailqueue check_grandstream_phone check_macs check_nextcloud check_owswitch_status check_redis check_snmp_synology check_ssl_certificate 2.4.0 2018-10-28 Peter Baeumer ================================ - Update auf Version 2.2.1 2.2.6 2017-02-07 Peter Baeumer ================================ - bugfix check_eisfair_updates korrektur Zugriffsrechte (J. Edner) - check_snmp_synology zurueck zur Version mit Anpassung von J. Edner - bug check_http Segmentation Fault bei der Version 2.2.0 und check von EXsys Seriell-auf-IP-Umsetzer add check_http_211 --> check_http Version 2.1.1 2.2.5 2017-02-04 Peter Baeumer ================================ - Update auf Version 2.2.0 2.2.4 2017-01-14 Peter Baeumer ================================= - Update auf Version 2.1.4 - add /usr/share/doc/nagios-plugins/nagios-plugins.toc 2.2.3 2016-01-12 Peter Baeumer ================================= - Doku Text fuer angepasst (A. Puester) - Nagios User Erstellung / Pruefung angepasst 2.2.2 2016-01-05 Peter Baeumer ================================= - bug check_nagios fehlerhaft durch V. 2.0.3 ersetzt 2.2.0 2015-12-28 Peter Baeumer ================================= - Update auf Version 2.1.1 - 15x Custom Check Plugins (A. Puester / J.Edner) 2.1.2 2014-08-29 Peter Baeumer ================================= - testing v. 2.1.2 - Udate auf Version 2.0.3 2.1.1 2014-04-16 Peter Baeumer ================================= - testing v. 2.1.1 - Udate auf Version 2.0.1 2.1.0 2014-04-14 Peter Baeumer ================================= - testing v. 2.1.0 - Udate auf Version 2.0 2.0 4th March 2014 ADDITIONS check_uptime - New plugin (only supports linux due to dependency on clock.gettime(). More supported platforms to follow. ENHANCEMENTS check_mysql_query - Added performance data (sreinhardt) check_file_age - New option -i/--ignore-missing which returns OK if file is missing (waja) check_nt - Added performance data to UPTIME -l seconds|minutes|hours|days (abrist) check_hpjd - New -p option for port specification (abrist) check_disk - new -n option for multi-line output (tmcnag) check_mysql_query - New -f/-g options for reading for mysql options file (awiddersheim) check_mailq - New -M option for nullmailer support in the mailserver (Luca Corti) check_dig - New -r option for specifying number of retries (abrist) check_ntp_peer - Added state output for each checked metric (abrist) check_dns - Warning and critical thresholds added to perfdata (jccomputing) (abrist) check_dns - New -q options for several query types (AAAA,TXT,SRV,MX) (sreinhardt) check_tcp - Status output now includes hostname when host_specified is set (madrisan) check_mysql - New -n/--ignore_auth option to ignore authentication failure (Julius Kriukas) check_ssh - New -P/--remote-protocol option to monitor the ssh protocol version (monitoring-user) check_ntp - New -o/--time-offset option to compensate for the ntp server's offset relative to the local server (monitoring-user) - Added support for --disable-maintainer-mode (weiss) FIXES check_http - The -C option no longer resets SSL version if e.g. -S 1 -C 5 is specified check_ide_smart - Now defaults to nagios-compatible output (sreinhardt) Fixed misleading timeout message for non-network plugins (sreinhardt) check_swap - Now fails with 100% usage and a new status output when swap is disabled or missing (abrist) check_ifstatus - Removed commas from perfdata - should now output valid perfdata in nagios format (waja) check_ping - Now gracefully handle the "time of day goes back" error. This issue is rare, most will not notice the change (waja) check_disk - Help output was clarified that it supports mount paths or partitions instead of just paths and partitions (waja) check_ide_smart - Fixed attribute comparison (waja) check_ntp_time - Fixed average time calculation (larsi) NPTest.cache - Empty or Missing file no longer blocks writing to the file (dermoth) parse.ini - Fixed newlines in output (dermoth) check_dig - Fixed wrong IPv6 arguments order (St?phane Bortzmeyer) check_dig - Now honors timeout value specified by switch -t (Jethro Carr) (abrist) - Renamed to to avoid deprecation warning (abrist) - The option --enable-extra-opts is now enabled by default (dermoth) check_snmp - Now handles negative values properly (Stephane Lapie) WARNINGS check_procs - Now ignores its parent process to avoid unexpected results when invoked via certain shells - No longer defines ECHO (weiss) check_ide_smart now default to nagios output, -n kept for legacy support (sreinhardt) check_ntp_peer - Status output changed, now includes individual state for offset, truechimers, stratum, and jitter (abrist) check_tcp - Status output has changed, now includes hostname (madrisan) TESTS check_procs - Performance data tests added (dermoth) check_snmp - Added tests for negative thresholds (dermoth) check_hpjd - Added tests for port options (abrist) check_dns - Added new tests for query types (abrist) check_pop - Added option to enable ssl for the test (abrist) check_jabber - Fixed status output tests to account for hostname (abrist) check_procs - Tests no longer fail if uid 501 is not present (sni) check_mysql - Test prompts clarified (dermoth) check_file_age - Added tests for --ignore-missing (waja) OTHER Numerous small typos fixed. Help output has been changed in many places for clarity and verbosity. 1.1.0 2014-03-04 Peter Baeumer ================================= - testing v. 1.1.0 - Udate auf Version 1.5 1.5 2nd October 2013 ENHANCEMENTS New check_dbi plugin for checking an (SQL) database using DBI Let OpenSSL load its configuration file (see the OPENSSL_config(3) man page) Add performance data to check_apt Add performance data to check_procs Added -4/-6 options to check_dig (Ville Mattila) New check_oracle --connect option to perform real login New check_nagios -t option to override the default timeout New check_disk -f/--freespace-ignore-reserved option to ignore space reserved for root New check_disk -N/--include-type option to limit the filesystem types to check Allow for building the plugins in parallel Add --without-{dbi,ldap,radius} options to ./configure Made Verbose output of check_sensors compliant (Gabriele Tozzi) New switch -E/--extended-perfdata for check_http to print additional performance data (Sebastian Nohn) New check_http -d option to specify a string to expect within the response headers New check_http -J/-K options for client certificate authentication support Add support for executing queries to check_pgsql Let check_pgsql accept a UNIX socket directory as hostname New check_pgsql -o option to specify additional connection parameters New check_fping -S option to specify the source IP address New check_fping -I option to specify the interface to bind to Let check_fping support IPv6 New check_procs -k option to ignore kernel threads (on Linux) Let check_procs use /proc//exe (if available) instead of getpid(2), unless -T is specified Let check_mysql support SSL Let check_mysql add perfromance metrics for all checks New check_mysql -f option to specify a client options file New check_mysql -g option to specify a client options group New check_snmp --offset option to allow for adding/substracting an offset value to sensor data Let check_snmp support an arbitrary number of OIDs Let check_ide_smart support NetBSD FIXES Change the MAIL FROM command generated by check_smtp to be RFC compliant Fix compilation of check_http without SSL support Fix check_snmp reversed threshold ranges (backward-compatibility) Fix check_snmp memory violation when using more than 8 oids (Robin Sonefors) Fix check_apt security regular expression (Alex Bradley) Fix check_http handling extra header (-k) containing semicolons (Richard Leitner) Fix check_apt handling unknown exit codes from apt-get (Richard Leitner) Fix deprecated imports of (Fabio Rueda) WARNINGS check_http behaviour of -k/--header changed since it does not seperate multiple headers by semicolons anymore. Use multiple -k switches instead. check_http's --proxy_authorization option is now called --proxy-authorization (it was always documented this way) The contrib directory has been removed from this distribution 1.0.0 2013-03-18 Peter Baeumer ================================ - von testing 0.1.7 auf stable 1.0.0 geaendert 0.1.7 2013-02-05 Peter Baeumer ================================= - Nagios-Plugins 1.4.16 mit LiC-2.8 - require-package base 2.0.0 0.1.6 2012-07-31 Peter Baeumer ================================= - new version Nagios-Plugins 1.4.16 Version 0.1.5 Stand 2010-06-18 Peter Baeumer =============================== - Plugin check_snmp hinzu gefuegt (Matthias Kolbe) Version 0.1.4 Stand 2010-11-04 =============================== - Pfad angaben in den Perlskripten korrigiert Version 0.1.3 Stand 2010-09-25 =============================== - Fehler bei Deinstallation korrigiert 0.1.2 2010-09-25 Ansgar Puester ================================= - error on deinstall corrected 0.1.2 2010-09-14 Ansgar Puester ================================= - new version Nagios-Plugins 1.4.15 0.1.0 2010-04-07 Peter Baeumer =========================== - initial revision Nagios-Plugins 1.4.14