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packagedevelopment (devel)

Development framework for eisfair packages (Verifiziert)

Version: 0.5.7 Status: testing Release Datum: 2011-02-04
Autor: Yves Schumann, yves(at)eisfair(dot)org
This package contains the scripts which you can use to create eisfair 
packages. There are scripts for all neccessary steps on package creation 
from setup a new and empty package, updating the version number of this 
package and of course collect all the content into a installable *.tar.gz
and the creation of the * file. All this is done with close
interaction with a subversion repository, which holds all your development
SHA1-Prüfsumme: 150f8fbfa5ac5e781eeb3836dad0c948462d7930
Größe: 160.35 KByte
Info-Datei: (Keine Fehler)
Benötigte Pakete: subversion
Benötigte Libraries: keine
Weitere Funktionen: Changelog anzeigen
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Dieses Paket ist
lauffähig unter:
eisfair 2, eisfair 1